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June 28, 2013 • Biography

Stephanie Kelton, Ph.D. is Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She served as Chief Economist on the U.S. Senate Budget Committee (minority staff) in 2015 and then became an Economic Advisor to the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign. She was the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the top-ranked blog New Economic Perspectives and a member of the… Read More ›

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Investment Advisor Forum, Jan. 17, 2018

When: January 16–17, 2018 What: Investment Advisor Forum Stephanie’s Talk:  9:15-10:15 a.m., January 17  “Recession Looms: Do Policymakers Have the Ammo to Extend the Recovery?” Where: New York Marriott Marquis, New York, NY Gain insight from chief-level investment strategists on positioning your firm for 2018 and beyond. Learn actionable, practical strategies for impact investing. Discover more… Read More ›

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Virtually Speaking

Stephanie appeared on Virtually Speaking on Blogtalk Radio with Jay Ackroyd on February 7. The conversation begins with the platinum coin and the nature of fiat currency.

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The Two-Headed Central Bankista Coin

By Stephanie Kelton Like all good Central Bankistas, Charles Evans (Chicago Fed) and Dennis Lockhart (Atlanta Fed) insist that if the Fed isn’t achieving its stated (employment and inflation) objectives, then it just isn’t doing monetary policy the right way. The flip side of the Central Bankista position is that whenever the macro data are… Read More ›

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Randy Wray on Krugman and the Frustration of the Heterodox

This podcast with Randy Wray was recorded on April 28, 2014. It features a broad-ranging discussion of conventional economics and the heterodox alternatives to IS/LM, Ricardian equivalence, etc. Check out this episode!