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Virtually Speaking

July 10, 2013

Stephanie appeared on Virtually Speaking on Blogtalk Radio with Jay Ackroyd on February 7. The conversation begins with the platinum coin and the nature of fiat currency. Advertisements

On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Stephanie joined Tom Ashbrook for this episode of On Point with other notable economists Paul Krugman and Stan Collender to discuss the fiscal cliff.

Media Matters Radio

Stephanie joined Media Matters Radio to discuss the Debt Ceiling Debate.

Majority Report

In this ‘best of’ episode of the Majority Report, Stephanie talks full employment, inflation, and the fiscal cliff with host Sam Seder.

UP with Chris Hayes

In this ‘best of’ episode of UP with Chris Hayes, Stephanie joined Chris to discuss what would happen if the Treasury minted its own trillion dollar coin. You can view the clip at NewEconomicPerspectives.org.

Capital Account on RT TV

Stephanie joined Lauren Lyster on Capital Account to discuss common misunderstandings about the debt and deficits.


Click here to watch Stephanie’s “Fiscal Cliff” presentation on C-SPAN. ¬†Click here to view the accompanying¬†slides.

Le Show with Harry Shearer

Stephanie joined Le Show with Harry Shearer to discuss modern monetary theory.