Teaching, Writing and Talking About the Global Economy

Month: October 2015

Economists For Peace and Security, Nov. 18

Stephanie will present at the annual meetings of the EPS in Washington, D.C.  Her panel, “Jobs, Growth, Wages and Inequality: What’s the Agenda?”, kicks off the event on Wednesday morning. Advertisements

Yale College Democrats, Nov. 16

Stephanie will address the Yale College Democrats — the oldest student political organization in the United States — from 7-8pm on November 16, 2015.  The format is an hour-long Q&A.  See here for details.

Kilkenomics, Nov. 5-8

It’s Davos, but with jokes.  Stephanie and other experts in finance and economics will join some of the funniest stand-up comics in Europe for three days of side-splitting commentary on a broad range of political and economic issues.  See here for full details

University of Texas, Nov. 2-3

Stephanie will appear on two panels at an international two-day conference “The Eurozone and The Americas: Austerity, Debt and Crisis,” sponsored by the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.  The full program of events can be found here.

Missouri Valley Economics Association, Oct. 23

Stephanie will give the keynote address at the annual MVEA conference in Kansas City, MO on Friday, October 23.  The event will take place at the Marriott Hotel on the Country Club Plaza.  More details here.