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Month: July 2013

FPA Georgia, Jan. 9

Stephanie will join the Financial Planning Association of Georgia for a presentation on January 9th in Atlanta at the Westin Perimeter North at 2:30pm. Advertisements

Virtually Speaking

Stephanie appeared on Virtually Speaking on Blogtalk Radio with Jay Ackroyd on February 7. The conversation begins with the platinum coin and the nature of fiat currency.

Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department Endorses Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

Three months ago, Frank Newman sent me a book entitled Freedom From National Debt. I finally got around to reading it — all 89 pages. It’s a little book, packed with evidence that America is being held back by incorrect assumptions and misguided fears about the national debt and government finance in general. Here’s the… Read More ›

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Stephanie will present at the Economic Forum on Jobs in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on January 25-27, 2014.

Orange County FPA

Stephanie will speak at the Orange County FPA conference on August 28, 2013 on the campus of UC-Irvine.

Douglas County Democrats

Stephanie will give a presentation on the current state of the economy to the Douglas county Democrats on Saturday July 20th at 10am at the Lawrence Arts Center.

On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Stephanie joined Tom Ashbrook for this episode of On Point with other notable economists Paul Krugman and Stan Collender to discuss the fiscal cliff.

FPA Illinois Fall Financial Forum

Stephanie is the keynote speaker at the FPA of Illinois’s Fall Financial Forum on September 18-19 in Oak Brook, IL.

FPA Northern California Fall Expo

Stephanie is the keynote speaker for the FPA of Northern California’s Second Annual Fall Expo on September 13 in Sacramento, CA.

Lawrence Rotary Club

Stephanie will be speaking at the Lawrence Rotary Club on July 22nd.